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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Palmer: open door to illegal immigrants

Clive Palmer has unveiled his policy on illegal immigration: open the door. Palmer said asylum seekers should be allowed to fly to Australia and also said he opposed off-shore processing and detention.

Mr Palmer said he did not approve of the offshore processing supported by both major parties.
"What sort of a nation are we if we don't follow our international responsibilities and allow people to come here safely?" he said

Mr Palmer said Australians collectively bore the responsibility of asylum seekers drowning at sea.
"We can eliminate the people smugglers. We can eliminate the problem. We can eliminate the drownings. We can treat people as human beings."

In 2011 Mr Palmer compared the treatment of illegal immigrants by Australia to the actions of Nazi Germany.

Anyone thinking of voting for Palmer should be aware - a vote for Palmer is a vote for more illegal boatpeople.


  1. Clive Palmer is a clear and present danger to Australia. Thankfully, he won't win any seats.

  2. *yawn* by definition and law, asylum seekers are not illegal immigrants.
    If you want to write about this topic and be taken seriously, at least get your terms correct.
    Maybe then people will take your argument seriously. There may be good reasons to prevent asylum seekers coming, but legality is not one of them.
    Why shouldn't they be allowed tp come? Think critically instead and give . decent reasons instead of recycling tony abbott's phrases

  3. So what's his plan? To let everyone from a third world country come to Australia no strings attached? I didn't think we had the resources for that.