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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Newspaper front pages: a comparison

Left-wingers have been spewing outrage over recent front pages of different News Corporation titles, such as the Daily Telegraph and the Courier-Mail. The truth is, the left believes only those who support them should be heard. Dozens of News Limited titles endorsed Labor in 2007, including the Daily Telegraph. In 2010, despite Labor's shocking first term, 6/11 News Limited titles backed Labor. Now, after another chaotic term which included Labor breaking multiple promises and presiding over the asylum seeker disaster, a couple of newspapers have, shock horror, expressed their view that it might be time for a change. Cue outrage. British Labour MP Tom Watson has arrived, to attack the papers, with the warm encouragment of the ABC. GetUp is launching a campaign including TV adverts to oppose freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Kevin Rudd has smelt a conspiracy. Media Watch has devoted episode after episode to the issue, ignoring the fact consumers choose to buy News Corp papers. I thought the best way to settle this issue would be to examine some other newspaper front pages. These delights below are from the UK's third largest circulating title, the Daily Mirror which has endorsed the British Labour Party at every election since 1945

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