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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Moore pays climate extremist to rant

The City of Sydney run by Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP, is using ratepayers money to spruik her ''green villages'' programme. The programme, which includes expensive website ads culminated on April 30 with a talk by Paul Gilding, a noted extremist. Mr Gilding, during an interview published on the website, claims ''The earth is full'' and ''a crisis is looming'' The former Greenpeace boss also made the following statements:
  • Question: Are the cracks starting to show? Gilding: ''They certainly are and can be measured in things like extreme weather, higher than average temperatures, food supply shortages, spiking oil and produce prices, diminishing arable land''
  • Young people are waking up. Movements like Occupy and Bill McKibben’s show that young people are not going to ignore the crisis but are going to respond
The Greenvillages website also contains some helpful advice about using the Council's stupid and underutilised bike lanes.

What has this got to do with local government, Mrs Moore?

The wasteful ad

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