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Friday, 18 May 2012

Labor candidate caught out attacking victim

The Emily's List endorsed Labor candidate for Lown, Mandy Kirsopp has been caught out endorsing personal attacks on victim of alleged sexual harassment, James Ashby. Amongst the postings she re-tweeted to her followers was one which claimed Mr Ashby's case was ''bullshit''.

Mandy Kirsopp

The Tweets:

No doubt many other vitriolic Tweets have been posted by her. She also Tweets various other bizarre things herself like ''Balance’ in the ABC ... a kind of tyranny...[giving] ultra-constve views more credence than they deserve. Hmm?'' and ''Once again the media reveals its bias by providing any airplay of this kind of rubbish (On a story about opposition to gay marriage)'' Basically, she is saying anything she doesn't agree with does not deserve air time.

On her Twitter page, Ms Kirsopp says ''I believe in social responsibility, honesty & respect. We have an obligation to care for those amongst us who do not have a voice'', yet is attacking a victim. What a hypocrite.

Would she endorse sexual harassment of a female staff member?

Victorian Labor Leader Daniel Andrews and Federal Minister for Workplace Relations Bill Shorten have been approached for comment.

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