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Monday, 14 May 2012

Woodberry P&C saga: Totally disgusting

The Woodberry Public School P&C need to hang their head in shame. The idea that parents and the broader community wouldn't mind kids being asked to hand their parents chocolates shaped in penises, breasts and buttocks is patently absurd. Children need to be protected from this vile behaviour, and these arrogant idiots on the P&C should resign and apologise.

Some parents have leapt to the defence of the P&C, reports the Newcastle Herald. Adam Moon, a parent claimed ''There are some personal issues involved with it all''. Yes, Mr Moon, if I was a parent I'd be pretty angry at the P&C personally.

Another parent, ''Jen'' wrote on the Herald website that ''The kids see worse on television on a daily basis''. Well, your kids may Jen, but most parents want to protect their seven-year-old from sex.

Sadly, we know that most school P&C committees are out of touch, and embrace left-wing causes, such as Anti-Christian ethics classes and supporting illegal teacher strikes, which are an inconvenience to parents.

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