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Thursday, 17 May 2012

UPDATED: Twitter defamation of Abbott & correction issued


Gump5000 has issued an apology to Mr Abbott for his comments. I commend him for that.

A left-wing Twitter user has been caught out spreading defamatory lies about Tony Abbott. The user, known as ''Gump5000'' posted the below Tweets on 14 May:

The user makes various other false claims about Tony Abbott's personal life, but I won't give them oxygen. This is someone who sucks the juice of stronger plants, someone who wants attention.

In relation to the above Tweets, Gump relies on this article, which he links to:

Deliberately, and maliciously, Gump selectively picks a line from the article

''This was one of two court appearances for Mr Abbott at Sydney University.
In celebrations after passing his final year economics examination, he was challenged to bend a street sign. As he did so two policemen spotted him.
The offence was proven but no conviction was recorded''

The charges of indecent assault were actually dismissed. The offence WAS NOT proven. The correct quote from the article: ''Mr Abbott said the case in January 1978 (indecent assault) was dismissed''

I will be passing this information onto ''Gump'' who will hopefully correct his tweets and apologise. If not, he should be facing defamation action.

Under the Crimes Act, Gump may have commited a criminal offence. ''Offence of criminal defamation A person who, without lawful excuse, publishes matter defamatory of another living person (the "victim"):
(a) knowing the matter to be false, and
(b) with intent to cause serious harm to the victim or any other person or being reckless as to whether such harm is caused,
is guilty of an offence.
Maximum penalty: 3 years imprisonment.
Having gone back further through this gumps Twitter feed, I have seen yet more evidence of his false claims:

Interestingly, one of the above posts contains the complete link to the Sydney Morning Herald story which makes it clear the charge was dismissed. This liar obviously know that, but is setting out to mislead and libel. 


Gump5000 has issued an apology to Mr Abbott for his comments. I commend him for that.

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